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    Detox Day 4

    That last day shouldnt actually count. I am still at my parents house and dont want to say no to homemade applepie! πŸ˜›   Breakfast#4 Again I had oats and hot lemon water. Spelt…

    1. August 2016
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    4 Day Detox | Day 1

    As you probably have seen on instagram I decided to do a little 4-day detox. Reason for this is me reading the book „Darm mit Charm“. Its a german med-student talking about the gut.…

    28. Juli 2016
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    Am Montag den 11.04.2016 wurden ich und 14 weitere Blogger zu dem McFit Head Office in Berlin eingeladen um vor dem offiziellen Launch des Cyberobics Studios am Alexanderplatz einen ersten Blick zu wagen. FΓΌr…

    14. April 2016